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My name is Patrick Daradick and I have been collecting vintage tackle for over 25 years.I have a passion for the sport of fishing and continue to be an avid fisherman.Fishing at my Muskoka cottages on Three Mile Lake.My hobby keeps me active searching for new information to add to my Ontario Lure website and also searching for special Ontario Tackle to add to my extensive collection.I have met many people over the years and have made numerous friends and when researching tackle companies,people and families I now have fond memories of the individuals and their accomplishments.I love to share my findings and research.This is why I created the Ontario Lure website.I presently enjoy writing a regular column for Bob Izumi's "Real Fishing Magazine".My first article was the "80TH Anniversary of Lucky Strike Bait Works.Issued in the 2009 fall issue.

I am very knowledgeable with all types of vintage fishing tackle.Ontario Made Lures is my speciality.I do "assure" you that my evaluation will be honest.I believe that a person should first identify what fishing tackle they own,have an honest evaluation on the fishing tackle {condition,era,rarity etc.)and then they would be assured that their tackle would be valued properly.There are many lures on todays market that warrant sums of $500 and more.Some in the $1000's.The vast amount range under the $100 value. I always suggest to a seller to get a second opinion (confidentially)and then they would be comfortable with a sale.If you do wish an evaluation on any fishing tackle feel free to contact me .Take time and browse all the lure companies and information provided.Thanks Kindly Patrick.