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The following links are all related to vintage fishing tackle.Click the website name on left and enjoy a vast amount of information on Vintage & Collectible fishing items.<>/p>

NFLCC: National Fishing Lure Collecting Club: The National Fishing Lure Collectors Club (NFLCC) is a non-profit, educational, international organization founded in 1976. The primary objectives of the NFLCC are to foster an awareness of fishing tackle collecting as a hobby and to assist members in the location, identification, and trading of vintage fishing-related equipment.
CAFTA Canadian Antique Fishing Tackle Association.This is a Canadian collectors club.CAFTA holds two shows annually and have  4 issues (newsletter) yearly,on Canadian tackle..Join and share your hobby with other members.
Joes Fishing Tackle Message Board Great link to obtain information,lures,fishing items
Dr.Todd Larson Fishing Blog This blog deals with our outdoor heritage. It concentrates in particular on the history of fishing and fishing tackle, and seeks to provide interesting, informative, and important materials for anyone who wants to help preserve our nation's (and the world's) fishing. �2007 Dr. Todd Larson.
Tackle Welcome to, which is designed with the antique fishing lure collector in mind. You will find color charts and other useful information on Arbogast, Chub, Heddon, Paw Paw, Pflueger, Shakespeare, and South Bend lures. There are over 2,000 images and 50 web pages on this web site.
Florida Lure Makers Florida Lure Makers:A Comprehensive Guide
Vermillion Lures Website Specialized in Frank Knill "Vermilion" Lures, folk art and miscellaneous lures with a folk art flair. Alliance Ohio lures are my current passion, hand made and painted in the teens thru 50s. Also looking for Keller Lures made in Rochester Indiana!
Joe Pepper and Lou Rhead NY lure makers.
O.R.C.A VINTAGE FISHING REEL SITE If your interest is on vintage fishing reels than this is the website to visit.Looking for information on any type of vintage fishing reel.Visit the website and place a message on the message board or ask the host.You'll find all the answers at ORCA.

South Bend Lures Website. Finest website on South Bend fishing lures.Marie Munson has done fantastic research on this company.Many outstanding lure pictures of South Bend items to view.
Lure Lore website Very imformative site.Has great information on Heddon River Runt Spooks.Heddon lure colour codes etc.Worth a visit.Tom Jacomet, editor and webmaster for Lure Lore
Creek Speak Website Very nice website dedicated to Creek Chub Bait Co..Alot of information is available with many great pictures.Worth a visit.
Old Frog Lures Website This website pertains to Old Frog lures.Don Wheeler's website show many classic frog lures with many pictures and great information..
Bomber Baits website This website by Darwin (Bomber) Stewart pertains to Bomber Baits.Very extensive and imformative site on Bomber Baits from Texas.Shows all colours,styles and boxes made by this company.
Side-Mount Fishing Reels website Very nice website dedicated to vintage side-mount fishing reels.Very rare reels shown on this website.They are very unique and worth a look.
Smithwick Lures website Alan Peters hosts this website dedicated to Smithwick Lures made in Shreveport,LA.Just about all you need to know on this company can be found,many pictures.
Tackle Treasures website Dean A.Smith hosts Tackle Treasures.Splendid site to view treasures found in tackle boxes. Vintage fishing related items are gizmos, gadgets, doohickeys and paraphernalia of all kinds.Very professional website.Take some time and explore Tackle Treasures. 
Heddon Zig Wag Lure Website Pete Lellos NFLCC member has a well designed website for the Zig Wag lure made by Heddon.Great information and pictures on this lure.Everything you need to know about this unique lure is provided on this site.
Heddon Vamp Series 7500 Book Website David Sawyer NFLCC member has created a website to promote his new book.Great information and pictures on this Heddon Vamp lure.Everything needed to know to purchase this book or obtain information on Heddon Vamps is listed on the website.
Reely Old Reels Canadian Website Paul Manuel's website dedicated to vintage old fishing reels. Need information on old fishing reels contact Paul at this website.