A.W. Saarimaa Tackle Company

One of Ontario's vintage tackle makers that gains alot of attention amongst collectors.Starting out in Lansing,Ontario at 64 Johnston Avenue,August W. Saarimaa invented two interesting lures.The Fish-Hawk and Muskie-Head,each having a unique diving metal lip ,wood bodies and many colors.Saarimaa was granted patents for both inventions from the the 1940's and carried on making and designing fishing tackle for many years to follow.

It's stated in a early box paperwork he has been making and designing hollow metal body lures since 1942.Several known are the Dabble Minnow and Sarde Minnow.The company designed many styles of lure boxes also which makes it interesting to collect his lures&boxes.Last known address for AWS is 163 Willowdale Avenue,Willowdale Ontario {Toronto area}.His lures are very collectible with some styles very difficult to obtain (Flyrod sizes).He stated in advertisements that he had a booklet(catalog) upon request but to date none have surfaced.The Fish-Hawk and the Muskie-Head are unique and hold the higest value to a collector.

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Early AWS Lansing Box & Wood Muskie-Head Bait