Ontario fishing tackle collectors find the metal trolling baits made by Delany to be a great addition and prize to find.The metal trolling baits had very unique finishes,designs and patterns.From the plain blade,hammered blade,unique spotted blade and many other variations.They all seemed to be individually designed and manufactured.The blades carried various stampings and most included Cobourg.W.Delany,J H Delany,T Delany were some stamps.Blade sizes were numerous .W.M Croft&Sons from Toronto carried,cataloged & sold the Delany metal trolling baits.Showing some designs that have never yet surfaced in any known collections.William and Lavinia Delany ran a Jewellery and Fancy Goods Store at 22 King Street North in 1880.Advertising as a manufacturer of Trowlling Baits.From a 1907 book on Cobourg it states two Jewellers in this city.Hoppers starting in 1835.While W.Delany Jr,had been for six years in the small shop across from the Post Office,until a few years ago."Billy" was always ready to stop work and discuss famous lawn bowling matches of other years.W.Delany owned his own yacht and competed in the Regatta of 1862 and many others.This is just a small caption on the history of this Ontario Lure Maker,but his accomplishments were numerous and his metal trolling baits are a prize today in any collection.

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