Essential Agencies Ltd.

Essential Agencies Ltd. was located on 4616 Young Street Toronto,Ontario.To date they would be noted as a distributor of fishing tackle and not a manufacturer.If you take note of the box below Essential Baits.The side of the box clearly defines who made their tackle to distribute.With the Fish-Hawk and Muskie-Head bait pictures on the side of the box it could be none other than AWS from Willowdale who produced the tackle.I'm going to go further and state that ULTIMA stamped lures found would have been sold by Essential and made by AWS.The style and the tack eyes are similar to AWS made pikies.This box also has a stamp of 62 on the box end.Same code AWS used for their pikie line.The two companies would have been just down the road from eachother.These boxes are very difficult to find

Essential Baits Box And Lure

Essential Baits Box End And Lure Lip

Essential Baits Side

Ultima Stamp