John Inglis Co. Ltd. Canada

Shakespeare Fine Fishing Tackle from Kalamazoo,Michigan and Inglis,Canada from Toronto became partners in the 1940's,shortly after the war.Inglis was allready a company with specialized skills,developed in the high-precision manufacturing of arms and war weapons,later serving industrial peace-time requirements.Inglis had the best machinery available for this type of work in their plant,and were capable of doing the job with the utmost skill,Inglis produced all types of fishing tackle for their parent company Shakespeare Fine Fishing Tackle.Lures.reels,rods etc.

They manufactured a small line of fishing lures all made of wood in the 1940's and beyond.The early fishing lures were marketed in two piece cardboard boxes and later a plastic top version.All boxes carried the Inglis Canada logo.The earliest box catalog denotes four baits manufactured.The "Dopey","Slim Jim","Midget Spinner and "Grumpy".Other models were later added.


Plastic Top Inglis boxes