Luminous Art Products

Luminous Art Products was located in Lakefield,Ontario.It is not known to date if  they actually manufactured fishing tackle.They did however apply a process of luminous paints to fishing lures.One company they did apply this finish for was Hex Baits from Brockville.In my Hex collection I have a box called the Luminous Bunty processed by this Lakefield company.The box is actually has a paste lable over a Hex Baits green box.On the side of this box it has "processed by Luminous Art Products,Lakefield,Canada".

They did have a lure called The "Atomlite" as shown in pictures below.Very distinct with bulging eyes,plastic,special treble hooks and of course the "luminous finish".I would say the company was in business in the 1940'sand 1950's.