S.W.Ellis & Sons

S.W.Ellis & Sons was a company that functioned in the 1930's and 1940's in Havelock,Ontario Canada.Mr.Sam Ellis was a former employee of Canada Needle & Tackle Company that also was established in Havelock.He parted from this company in 1936 and established his two room buisness in the old Dineen Hotel.He produced wooden plugs with glass eyes and metal lures.Both wooden baits and lures had the Maple Leaf trademark logo on the lips and blades.Mr. Sam Ellis later sold his buisness to Hector MacLean of hex baits and he was employed with Hex for a short stay.Click the link below for pictures of Ellis & Sons lures.

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This is an example of a S.W.Ellis&sons lure box and glass eye wooden lure.They were made quite well and you'll find the lures with the maple leaf logo stamped in the lips.