Tomlin Bait Co.

Alfred Albert Tomlin was born in 1885 in Toronto,to English parents John and Mary Ann Tomlin.They lived at 218 Bleecker Street,Toronto Ontario.

Alfred came up with the idea for a new and improved trolling spinner in 1922.Patent the lure in 1924 in the USA.Alfred advertised strongly in the Rod&Gun Canada issues as seen in the picture link.

From a 1928 ad he states the "Ligntning Lure" spins freely at any speed,eliminating need for hasty trolling or retrieving when casting.It is especially succesful when used with pork rind.

AL&W sold his lures through their catalog sales, Found in 1920's, 1930's &1940's catalouges,sold as model #961.Sizes 1 3/4" ,2 3/4" and 5" length.

Albert Tomlin passed away in the mid-1940's.Ending the Tomlin Bait Company.A very nice collectible Ontario made lure as it was made in many sizes and finishes.Some carry the AL&W Toronto stamp also.

Tomlin Bait Co. "The Lightning Lure" as in a 1928 AL&W Catalog

Tomlin Bait Co. "The Lightning Lure"