Transparent Fishing Tackle Company

This company was the only Canadian company to manufacture glass bait tubes.They were established in Toronto,Ontario in the late 1920's.The company was found in a Toronto directory for only two years 1928&1929.These classic bait tubes rival the likes of the American bait tubes  Detroit Glass Tube,the Welch&Graves etc.The Lurette as so called by this company did have one very unique style unlike it's american makers.That would be the No. 3  frog or crayfish tube.With it's classic light bulb style.Another feature on these Lurette Bait Tubes are the hook styles.All the glass bait tubes had three long single hooks attached to the top plate.According to the special instruction paperwork.This design was to prevent the loss of glass tube if for some reason caught on a obstacle beneath the surface.A good pull would unhook the glass tube.

The Lurette was manufactured in four sizes a No.1 for brook or trout fishing.No 2 for Smallmouthed Bass No.3 For Bass,Pike to hold frogs &crayfish No.4 General fishing designed to hold minnows.

Mostly all Lurettes found seem to be in green style boxes with each box stating Lurette size.Another Ontario tackle company seems to have been the sole distributor for the Lurette in Canada.The Canada Needle & Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd. located on 76 Wellington Street West,Toronto Ontario.

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