Ontario Lure Companies

The province of Ontario is well known for it's vast amount of lakes,streams and creeks.Fisherman from worldwide have travelled to this beautiful province to test their luck fishing.With the many varieties of fish available.Be it fly fishing or in the early years travelling to remote outposts via trains to test the virgin lakes for huge fish.Many a fishermans tale and memory live today of these fishing adventures.

Ontario also had some early pioneers in the fishing tackle business and listed below are many of the commercial companies and backyard inventors .Men who made tackle for themselves or friends and with the popularity they found their tackle inventions sold worldwide.Ontario lure makers had many distinctive inventions and basic tackle.This section will educate the public on their history and fishing tackle.

Please note that some of the Ontario Tackle companies below have some history enclosed.Others have no history other than a location and some pictures.As historical information becomes available I will update each Ontario Tackle Company page to enhance the tackle makers history.Thanks

Company Location Era More Info
Allcock Laight & Westwood ** Toronto 1854 -1960's click here
AWS (Saarima Tackle Co.) ** Lansing/Willowdale 1940's-1960's click here
Bakers Baits Napanee 1940's-1980's click here
Better-Luck Baits Peterborough 1930's click here
Better-Bait Co. Lakefield 1940-70's click here
J.G.Blanchard Hamilton 1950's? click here
Bobs Baits ** Whitevale 1950's-1960's click here
Busty Baits** Parry Sound 1940's-1960's click here
Canada Needle & Fishing Co. Toronto 1930's-1950's click here
Chapman & Sons Brockville 1880-1887 click here
Charley Chas Pikie Spoon Walpole Island 1920's-1930's click here
Clifford Guise Toronto 1916 click here
Colmer Baits Peterborough 1930's click here
Croft & Sons Toronto 1855-1900's click here
Dai Lures Brantford 1950's-60's click here
Daisy-Heddon ** Preston 1950's-1960's click here
Decoy Mfg. Company Brantford 1950's-1960's click here
Delany Cobourg 1800's click here
Delorme Smith Falls unknown click here
Dominion Tackle Oro Station 1927-1988 click here
Don Gapens Nipigon 1930's click here
Essential Agencies Ltd. Toronto 1940-1950's click here
F.J.Murray Machine Co. Weston 1950's click here
Frank E. Burdett Gravenhurst 1903 click here
Fredericks Fishing Tackle Works Campbellford 1930's click here
Gardiner Mills Skinner Gananoque 1874-1879 click here
Hamilton Bait Co. Hamilton 1950's click here
Hardisty Mfg. Co. Ottawa 1940's? click here
Henry James Lewis&Co.** Ottawa 1930's click here
Hex Baits ** Brockville 1930's-1960 click here
Horrocks-Ibbotson Grimsby 1933-1941 click here
Hotti Tackle Windsor 1940's-1950's click here
Hugh S.C. Wilson Toronto 1940's click here
Ideal Fish Bait Co. Toronto 1940-1950's click here
Ideal Fishing Tackle Co. Toronto 1950's click here
James Brothers Perth 1930's-1960's click here
James Towns Chapleau 1950's click here
John Hummel Guelph 1960's click here
John Inglis Company Toronto 1940-1960's click here
J.P. Moore Toronto Late 1800's-1900's click here
LaFrance Tackle Fort Frances 1950's click here
Livingstone,John Gananoque 1871-1900's click here
Lucky Strike Bait Works ** Peterborough 1920's-2008 click here
Luminous Art Products Lakefield 1940's-1950's click here
Mac-Bigelow Limited Toronto Unknown click here
J.R. McIntosh Bobcaygeon 1930's-1950's click here
Magic Lure's Specialty Elmira Unknown click here
Mayer Tackle Windsor 1950's click here
M.Sutton Oshawa unknown click here
Natural Bait Co. Toronto 1930's click here
Northern Tackle Co. ** Sudbury 1940's-1950's click here
Ohrtway Sportsman Toronto unknown click here
Old Wooden Bait Co. Cobourg 1979-1980's click here
Rogers Action Lures Toronto 1950's click here
Selco Baits Kingston 1940's? click here
Skinner's Toronto 1930's? click here
South Bend Canada Cobourg 1930's click here
Sudbury Tackle Co. Gatchell/Sudbury 1940's-1950's click here
Sutton-Watson&Co. Toronto 1938 click here
S.W.Ellis & Sons** Havelock 1930's click here
Thompson Tool Co.** Toronto 1950's click here
Thomas Tackle** Tecumseh 1950's click here
Tiede Baits Windsor 1950's click here
T.I. Thompson Ltd. Owen Sound PAT. 1910 click here
Tomlin Bait Company Toronto 1920's-1940's click here
Transparent Fishing Tackle Co. Toronto 1920's click here
Twin Fish Bait Co. Riverside 1950's-1960's click here
W.H.Wright Owen Sound 1910-1930's click here
Williams Baits Co. ** Peterborough 1930's-1960's click here
Williams Refinery Co. Fort Erie 1940's click here
W J Paul Kingston Unknown click here
W.N Bulloch & Co. Gananoque 1800's-1920 click here