Canadian Fishing Reel Companies

This section will showcase some of the more interesting fishing reels in Canada.Fly reels,spinning reels,bait casting.Looking for unique and small company makers.If you have some interesting reels to share feel free to send the information of your Canadian reel maker and pictures.

Company Location Era More Info
Bata Reel Company Batawa, Ontario 1940's click here
Branson Mfg. Co. Peterborough,Ontario 1940's click here
Canada Needle And Fishing Tackle Co. Toronto, Ontario 1940-50's click here
Eckmier Fly Reel Canada unknown click here
Engineering Products Of Canada Ltd. Montreal Canada 1950's click here
Gibbs Tool & Stamping Works Vancouver B.C. 1940- 50's click here
H&S Products Co. Montreal Canada 1950's click here
Inglis Canada Toronto ,Ontario 1940's click here
Keates Kaster Company Timmins, Ontario 1950's ? click here
Lawson Machine Works Montreal, Canada 1940's click here
LSD Sunshine Reels Windsor, Ontario 1940's click here
Lucky Strike Reel Peterborough, Ontario 1930's click here
South Bend Reels Cobourg, Ontario 1930's click here
Tamco Reel LaSalle, Ontario 1960's click here
Tugg & Mason Limited Toronto, Ontario 1940's click here
W.A. McElroy&Co. Toronto, Ontario 1950's click here