The following is a list of Ontario made fishing lures and lure boxes I'm looking to add to my collection.The value price is what I would consider to offer for the item based on quality of lure.I will pay more if lure comes with original box or paperwork. I am very knowledgeable with all types of vintage fishing tackle.Ontario Made Lures is my speciality.I do "assure" you that my evaluation will be honest.I believe that a person should first identify what fishing tackle they own,have an honest evaluation on the fishing tackle {condition,era,rarity etc.)and then they would be assured that their tackle would be valued properly.

There are many lures on todays market that warrant sums of $500 and more.Some in the $1000's.The vast amount range under the $100 value. I always suggest to a seller to get a second opinion (confidentially)and then they would be comfortable with a sale.If you do wish an evaluation on any fishing tackle feel free to contact me .Take time and browse all the lure companies and information provided.Thanks Kindly Patrick.

Item # Description Price (cdn) Picture
1 Rare Lucky Strike R-90 with prop $1500 plus click here
2 J.P.Moore ,Toronto metal bait $250-$350 click here
3 Delany,Cobourg metal especially sizes 1,2 or3 blade $150-$250 click here
4 Colmer Baits (excellent condition) $700 plus click here
5 Hardisty Lure Box (excellent condition) $300 click here
6 S. W.Ellis &Sons Lure Box (ex condition) $300+ click here
7 Williams Bait Lure Boxes $300 click here
8 Game Fish Lure Boxes (More if not green) $300 click here
9 Transparent Lure Co. (boxes or glass tubes) $300-$1500 click here
10 Northern Minnow (reward if found) $$$$$$$$ click here
11 Better-Luck Boxes (white &red) $300 click here
12 Better-Luck Baits(glass eyed ex. condition) $200 + click here
13 Better-Luck (Bass logo box-Chub Baits) $50-$125 click here
14 Lucky Strike R-90 Minnows (Fat Body style) $1500 plus click here